Everybody wants to be a star in the new Sing trailer

Johnny the Gorilla in Sing

by James White |
Published on

Illumination Entertainment is looking to keep the Minions/Secret Life Of Pets momentum going with musical comedy Sing. We recently saw the starry cast posing with their animated avatars, and now here's the latest trailer, featuring an Eminem track.

Sing has Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, the dapper, financially dubious koala who oversees a theatre that was once a grand entertainment venue, but is now falling on hard times, with peeling paint and dodgy plumbing. In a last-ditch attempt to restore the venue to its former glory, he decides to stage the world's greatest singing challenge, throwing the doors open to members of the public who think they have what it takes.

Five lead contestants are soon winnowed down from the chaff that shows up: a mouse (Seth MacFarlane) who is a crooked sort with a smooth voice, a timid teenage elephant (singer Tori Kelly), a busy mother sow (Reese Witherspoon), who juggles the demands of her 25 piglets with her singing ambitions, a young gorilla (Taron Egerton) who has ambitions outside of his father's criminal activities and a punk-rock porcupine who sounds distinctly like Scarlett Johansson.

Director Garth Jennings has also roped in the likes of Despicable Me director Chris Renaud plus Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson to provide vocal cameos, so be on the look... er... listen... out for them. Sing lands in the UK on 27 January.

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