Escape From New York Escapes Ratner

Today is a good day

Escape From New York Escapes Ratner

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Aren't the birds singing just a little more sweetly this morning? Isn't the sun that tad less grey? Didn't the autumn trees seem to be waving a cheery hello as you made your way to work this morning? That's because today is a happy day. Brett Ratner is no longer attached to the remake of Escape From New York. Weeeeeee!

Aintitcool learned the happy news from a source at the Savannah Film Festival, where Ratner was receiving an 'Achievement in Film' award (?!) and said that the movie was still happening but not with him.

That means we've escaped Len Wiseman and Ratner messing with John Carpenter's movie that just doesn't need to be messed with. Gerard Butler's still attached and is a solid choice to take the Snake Plissken role – if the film must be remade – so now maybe a director can be found who could actually do something interesting with this.

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