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George, Natalie and Hayden on Attack of The Clones

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With George Lucas' second Star Wars prequel months away, Vanity Fair has landed a suitably impressive shot of Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman to whet the appetites of fans across the globe. Taken by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz, responsible for Vanity Fair's supremely good Potter shoot last year, the photo graces the cover of the March edition of the magazine. An accompanying article provides a rare peek behind this year's most anticipated production, including interviews with George Lucas and his two young stars. "This is George's Titanic, I think," Natalie Portman enthuses to the magazine. "Dark, but a love story." With Amidala, now a Senator, pushing for the creation of a Republican army to aid the Jedi, Episode II sees a more active role for Portman and fans of the actress won't be disappointed, either by her character's development or her new wardrobe. "This is my turn to be revealing outfit girl." Neither Portman nor her co-star are about to divulge any crucial plot points - "I want to be in Episode III," protests Christensen - nor is Lucas about to spoil the surprise. "[It's] a love story in the Star Wars tradition," he confirms vaguely. "I'd call it a love haiku more than a love sonnet, it's shorter than a traditional love story." Featuring the Clone Wars referred to in the original Star Wars, Attack of The Clones charts the beginning of the end for the old Republic and the rise of the galactic Empire. Aside from admitting that the film will feature a chase sequence and a climactic battle scene like its predecessor, Lucas is only prepared to discuss one of the film's characters in any detail, Christopher Lee's Count Dooku. "[he's] one of the few Jedi who became disenchanted with the Republic and left the order, and he is leading a separatist movement." One thing Lucas does say is that, contrary to popular belief, the film is not as dark as rumour has suggested. "I wouldn't say it's a dark film. But the next one is definitely going to be a dark film

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