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Oh Noes!

Enter The Void Trailer Online

by Owen Williams |
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It's been playing on the festival circuit in various cuts for some time, but for those of us stuck at home, after some infuriatingly oblique teaser trailers, finally comes a trailer for Gaspar Noé's Soudain Le Vide with, like, some footage in it. It hails from Japan, and the quality is ropey as hell, but it's better than nothing, right? Oh, and it's probably NSFW, despite the lo-res.

Yes, okay, it still doesn't reveal much. But what we know is that Noé's first full feature since the astonishing ordeal of Irreversible, is based loosely around the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which describes the limbo point between death and rebirth. Protagonist Oscar is killed in a drug bust and watches from the afterlife as his stripper sister's life unravels, and his betrayer goes on the run. Yes, it's a sort of Noé version of The Lovely Bones. Are you scared yet?

It's possible there may be some sex and violence.

Enter the Void has a reasonable budget for what amounts to a pretty experimental film. It's quite FX heavy, and shot entirely from a fixed point of view behind Oscar's shoulder while he's alive (a bit like the most recent Resident Evil games, we guess, via those bits in Strange Days, or Jonas Åkerlund's video for The Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up) and then from a floating POV behind his "eyes" when he's dead.

The film stars Nathaniel Brown and Paz de la Huerta, and features sound design by Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter. Sadly, the regular appearances by Philippe Nahon's Butcher (from Carne, Seul Contre Tous and Irreversible) seem to be over. Shame that. The official release date in France is mid-May. And the UK? We'll keep you posted.

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