End Of The World For Wiseman

Die Hard 4.0 director composes Nocturne

End Of The World For Wiseman

by Owen Williams |
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Confusingly it's both untitled and called Nocturne, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but what's clear is that Len Wiseman is in talks to direct a new end-of-the-world movie for Fox.

Still at the pitch stage, with Fox currently "seeking writers for the project", the basic set-up is about a group of people mysteriously surviving an armageddon. Sort of like 2012. Or The Road. Or that Secret Policeman's Ball sketch about the mighty wind that lays low the mountains of the Earth (or not). It is possible that the end of the world will get quite old, quite soon.

Wiseman directed Die Hard 4.0 and the first two Underworld films (he only produced this year's Rise of the Lycans) and currently has a few irons in the fire, none of which are yet up and running: the Gears of War film; black market immortality story Shell Game; sci-fi epic Shrapnel; the also-apocalyptic Atlantis Rising.

So Nocturne / Untitled is one more for the collection, and we'd speculate that the videogame adaptation Gears of War is probably the most likely to get going first, since Wiseman was talking it up at ComicCon 2009, and it actually has a script (recently polished by that-man-again Billy Ray).

But whichever reaches us first, it'll be preferable to a 3D Underworld 4. Won't it?

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