Empire Spoiler Special Podcast: WandaVision Episode 6

WandaVision Ep6

by Chris Hewitt |
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With the home stretch just about in sight for WandaVision, the MCU's first TV show is doubling down on the weirdness and witchcraft with this very special Halloween-themed episode in which Wanda gets to know an unfamiliar face from her past, Vision turns detective, and Darcy becomes perilously close to becoming the first character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to say the F-word.

And, naturally, Team Empire (Chris Hewitt, Ben Travis, Helen O'Hara, and James Dyer) is on hand to talk about the episode in depth, and answer your questions. As best as they can. Which isn't very well, let's be honest. But they do natter about the latest theories, exchange some harebrained thoughts of their own, and Chris overshares.

And even though this is a Halloween episode, you'll be glad to know that Chris doesn't, for once, take the opportunity to sing the Silver Shamrock song from Halloween III: Season Of The Witch. However, there's a piece of music in this episode that is ten times more terrifying.


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