Empire Podcast #609: Sydney Sweeney, David Dastmalchian, Ernie Hudson

Sydney Sweeney, David Dastmalchian, Ernie Hudson

by Chris Hewitt |
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Halloween isn't for another few months, but this week's Empire Podcast delivers a hat-trick of horrors nonetheless, as Chris Hewitt has spooky sitdowns on Zoom with the stars of three scary fillums that are all out this week. First, Sydney Sweeney, star and producer of nun-more-black horror, Immaculate, talks about sticking the landing and possession. [21:24 - 37:37 approx] Then, David Dastmalchian, star of stylish found footage shocker, Late Night With The Devil, dials in from his trailer in Toronto, where he's currently working, to talk that movie, The Dark Knight, life goals, Ant-Man And The Wasp and more. [55:16 – 1:15:44 approx.] And finally, a man who ain't afraid of no ghost (which is a double negative, the most terrifying thing of all), it's original Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson, aka Winston Zeddemore, who has a chat about Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire that was shorter than usual due to Chris having issues with hotel wifi from Dublin. [1:44:32 — 1:54:43 approx.]

Then, in the podbooth in London, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer to tackle a listener question about the teaser trailer for Alien: Romulus, which then prompts further discussion of the week's deluge of trailers, including Furiosa, Star Wars: The Acolyte and more. The trio also discuss the rumours about the potential casting of the new James Bond, and in a bumper reviews section cast their eyes over Irish Wish, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Road House, Robot Dreams, Immaculate, and Late Night With The Devil. This episode was recorded on Wednesday, in order to allow us to travel to Dublin for the penultimate show of our live tour, and as such we will be discussing the sad passing of the legendary M. Emmet Walsh next week. In the meantime, enjoy.

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