Empire Podcast #586: Randall Park

Randall Park

by James White |
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This week's Empire Podcast would have been a lot longer had we kept in all the bits where Chris Hewitt was coughing. Needless to say, we cut (most) of them out (probably), leaving instead another fine and fun episode in which Chris is joined in the studio by James Dyer and Helen O'Hara, thus putting them at risk of infection. Thankfully, none of them turn into mindless zombies (how could we tell?) as they discuss the week's news, including the sad passing of Terence Davies, Kevin Costner's big-screen comeback, and rumoured upheaval at both Marvel Studios and A24, review The Miracle Club, Shortcomings, BlackBerry and Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, and fail spectacularly to name all the Carry On movies. Oh, and James bangs on about Taylor Swift, which makes a change.

Our guest this week is the wonderful actor Randall Park, who talks to Chris (50:56.00 — 1:07:01.00) about making the step up to directing with his excellent indie debut, Shortcomings, plus how he methodically built his acting career over the years. This is Good Audio Content, folks. Good. Audio. Content. Enjoy.

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