Empire Podcast #530: Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley

by Chris Hewitt |
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He is the Lord Of The Dance. The Riveriest of dancers. A man who scares the bejesus out of Chandler Bing. But now Michael Flatley has made the most talked-about movie of the week: his long-awaited motion picture debut, Blackbird, which he also wrote and directed. In a fun and candid interview, Flatley tells Chris Hewitt all about the motivation to make a movie now that his dancing career is behind him, the long delay in getting a release date, and his awareness of the critics lying in wait. Check it out from 00:34:34.00 – 00:52:03.00 (approx.).

Then, in the virtual podbooth this week, Helen O'Hara hosts Sophie Butcher and Olly Richards, as they talk about movie pets and the greatest fake ears in movies (yet somehow don't mention Spock; highly illogical), natter about the week's movie news, and review Me Time, George Miller's Three Thousand Years Of Longing, Blackbird, and more. Enjoy.

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