Empire Podcast #452: Hugh Bonneville, Rosamund Pike

Hugh Bonneville, Rosamund Pike

by Chris Hewitt |
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This week's Empire Podcast is brought to you even remotely in lockdown than usual (all will be revealed within), as Chris Hewitt convenes over Squadcast with Helen O'Hara and James Dyer for another, we're told, fun-filled episode. As well as talking about Helen's new book, Women Vs Hollywood, and a particular Empire milestone for Chris, our three colleagues of such lethal cunning talk about the week's movie news, review I Care A Lot, Willy's Wonderland and The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things, and answer a listener question about bad guys who get away with it.

Speaking of which, Chris has a lovely chat with Rosamund Pike, who gives a wicked performance in the wonderful I Care A Lot (although be warned, there are spoilers lurking within), and who becomes the first guest to appear on the show twice during the global pandemic. Hopefully next time she's on, life will be back to something approaching normality.

And our other guest this week is also a returnee to the show, as Hugh Bonneville talks to Amon Warmann about playing Roald Dahl in the new Sky Cinema Original film, To Olivia. They also have a natter about Jingle Jangle, and Paddington 3, of course. In fact, there's much Paddington chat in this week's episode. Not all of it wholesome. You may want to cover the little bear's ears.


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