Empire Podcast #419: Armando Iannucci, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Armando Iannucci, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

by Chris Hewitt |
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In this week's bumper-sized (so much so, in fact, we're wondering if we should have split it into two parts like last week) Empire Podcast, Chris Hewitt chats to Armando Iannucci, the co-writer/director of The Personal History Of David Copperfield about discovering optimism, and how hard it is to write comedy in the middle of a pandemic. And John Nugent talks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the latter returns to our screens with gripping plane hijack thriller, 7500.

In the remote podbooth, Chris is then joined by James Dyer and Helen O'Hara, as per usual. But the rotating fourth chair this week is occupied by Dave Corkery and Cathy Cullen, the married couple who host one of our favourite podcasts, The Cinemile. Together, this intrepid quintet tackle the Film Fact section, answer questions about graduation speeches and non-trilogy trilogies (it'll make sense when you listen), discuss the planned return of cinemas in the UK, and review 7500, Dating Amber, Resistance, and Radioactive. We can see now why this is bumper-sized.

Enjoy, if just for the Irish accents of four-fifths of the team getting increasingly thicker as the pod goes on. Wee buns!

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