Empire’s 100 Greatest Movies Issue: Five Special Covers To Choose From

Empire 100 Greatest Movies cover

by John Nugent |
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We asked, and in your thousands, you voted. The results of Empire's 100 Greatest Movies poll were revealed this week, with Empire readers opting to collectively kiss the ring of The Godfather, which took home first prize. Francis Ford Coppola's crime epic is one of five films from our top 100 to appear on a choice of five collector's edition covers this month. Here they are, resplendent in all their golden glory. Five to collect!

Cover #1: this Marlon-Brando-from-The-Godfather cover is an offer you might have difficulty refusing.

Empire 100 Greatest Movies cover

Cover #2: you shall not pass by the newsstand without grabbing this The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King cover.

Empire 100 Greatest Movies cover

Cover #3: now witness the power of this fully operational Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back cover.

Empire 100 Greatest Movies cover

Cover #4: the path of the righteous man leads to this Pulp Fiction cover.

Empire 100 Greatest Movies cover

Cover #5: this Raiders Of The Lost Ark cover belongs in a museum!

Empire 100 Greatest Movies cover

All five covers go on sale this Thursday 15 June, in all good and evil newsagents. Honour and glory to anybody who manages to pick up the full set.

Lucky Empire subscribers will have already received their unique subscriber-exclusive cover, featuring a bespoke illustration of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone. Want to get gorgeous limited edition covers like that one every month, days before the shops? Subscribe to Empire here{ =nofollow}.

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Empire's 100 Greatest Movies subscriber cover revealed

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