Emma’s Baby Named

Jane.Com gets a permanent name

by Willow Green |
Published on

Actress **Emma Thompson **and her partner **Greg Wise **have given their new baby an early Christmas present - a name. The two-week old girl, who was originally referred to as Jane.Com - because her parents were stumped for a name - has now been renamed Gaia Romilly Wise. A spokesperson for Emma says, 'It's a wonderful name and she is very happy with it.'

The name Gaia refers to the Goddess of the Earth. A spokesperson from London's Institute of Classical Studies explains the origin of the name: 'Gaia was a beautiful goddess in Greek mythology, but the child is not necessarily going to be a good one, as although she is the mother of the earth, she is the offspring of chaos. They may have trouble on their hands if she lives up to her reputation.' Proud dad Greg says, 'We spent ages looking through books of names and eventually settled on Gaia because of its environmental connotations. 'Romilly, on the other hand, was the name of our friend's child and we thought it was beautiful and wanted to follow suit.'

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