Elizabeth Shue Splashes Into Piranha

Actress to tackle ferocious 3D fishes

Elizabeth Shue Splashes Into Piranha

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Elizabeth Shue has signed on to join Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of cult 1978 horror hokum Piranha, which will see her tussling with the sharp-toothed terrors as the sheriff of a small lakeside community in Arizona.

While Joe Dante's original was a gleefully bloody send-up of Jaws, we can probably expect a more po-faced approach from **Mirrors **director Aja, whose CV is conspiciously light on insane silliness. Lest we forget, Dante's piranhas were the product of the top-secret 'Operation Razortooth', in which the mutant fish of fury were being trained to help turn the tide of the Vietnam War by, well, *eating *the North Vietnamese Army.

Piranha 3D starts filming in May, and sees Shue defending her family from a lake infested by the bitey blighters, with Adam Scott providing back-up as a diver with the US Geological Service. It's safe to say Shue's career hasn't developed quite as expected after her stunning turn in Leaving Las Vegas - could Aja's three-dimensional dip into piranha-infested water signal the beginning of a comeback for the Oscar-nominated winner?

Piranha 3D opens Stateside on March 19, 2010.

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