Eli Roth Cooking Up Thanksgiving Sequel


by James White |
Updated on

It took Eli Roth 16 years to make Thanksgiving – the movie (partially) teased by the trailer he shot for Grindhouse back in 2007. We enjoyed it for what it was, and now, thanks to decent box office, it appears that we won't have to wait as long for the sequel. Roth took to Instagram to announce that he's gotten the green light to start cooking up more slasher-y goodness featuring the masked killer John Carver.

The first film, of course, saw the residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts terrorized by a kidnapping/killing spree targeting people who were in some way connected to a tragic riot at a Black Friday sale the year before.

As the authorities try to track down the mysterious vigilante, a group of high-schoolers must survive the rampage. Roth's answer to the likes of Scream and Halloween has now spawned its own franchise.

Roth doesn't offer a specific release date, but says he and co-writer Jeff Rendell will be taking their time to get the script right, and plans to have the movie in cinemas by Thanksgiving 2025 (so mid-late November).

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