Eli’s Inglourious Trailer

Roth's propaganda film-within-film

Eli's Inglourious Trailer

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Daniel Bruhl stars in Nation's Pride, "the remarkable true story of Germany's most decorated war hero". Here's the hi-def trailer, over at Apple.

You can't go and see the full movie though, because it doesn't exist. Nation's Pride is the movie-within-a-movie in Inglourious Basterds: the premiere of which gathers the nazi brass into a single, attackable location, and provides the Basterds with their great opportunity.

The clip is actually directed by Eli Roth, rather than Quentin Tarantino, and more of Nation's Pride is glimpsed during Basterds' running time.

Feels kind of odd that it's not in German, but that would've precluded our favourite part: the traditional gravelly Hollywood voiceover intoning "From Reich Minister Doctor Joseph Goebbels..."

Inglourious Basterds is out on August 19th.

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