Eisenberg Up For While We’re Young

Reuniting with director Noah Baumbach?

Eisenberg Up For While We're Young

by James White |
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While he first came to our attention in Roger Dodger and had roles in The Emperor’s Club and The Village, it was Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale that really rocketed future Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg into our collective cinematic consciousness. Now it would seem that the director is looking to recruit him once more for his latest, While We’re Young.

While nothing is set in stone yet – Eisenberg is still only in talks for the film – you’ve got to think that he’d be happy to work once more with his Squid director, aided by the fact that The Social Network’s Scott Rudin is producing. And Baumbach is also targeting Naomi Watts to take on a role.

Young follows what happens when a 40-something couple (Ben Stiller and Watts, if she signs) start to feel detached from their friends, who are all starting to have kids, settle down and morph into families with different lives. Then they befriend a younger couple (Eisenberg and an actress yet to be found) who show them how to loosen up a little.

Baumbach will be hoping he can find a cast to stick: both James Franco and Cate Blanchett have been attached at different points, only to fall away. But he’s hoping to get this one shot as soon as everyone is available. Which is tough given how busy most of his choices have been, and Eisenberg is no exception. Post-Oscar nomination, he's scored plenty of work, and is off to Rome this summer to work with Woody Allen...

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