Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Gets A Blistering First Trailer

Ansel Elgort Baby Driver

by John Nugent |
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Fasten up your seatbelt, check your mirrors, and keep your arms at ten and two: the much anticipated first trailer for director Edgar Wright's new film Baby Driver has finally arrived. Take a look.

Baby Driver is, as Wright told Empire recently, something of a minor departure for the British filmmaker: unlike previous fare like Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz this is not strictly a comedy. Rather, it's a pacy energetic action movie with the emphasis on car chases, driven by the iPod music of the titular Baby (Ansel Elgort).

As we see in the trailer, Baby is a shades-wearing getaway driver for crime kingpin Doc (played by Kevin Spacey) and his associates, including Buddy (Jon Hamm), Bats (Jamie Foxx), and Griff (Jon Bernthal). Baby looks keen to make it One Last Job, but Doc has other plans. Lily James plays Baby's waitress girlfriend Deborah.

As well as the international trailer, a US trailer also landed at the same time, edited slightly differently. Ambassador, with these trailers...

Inspired in part by the likes of Point Break and The Driver, Baby Driver will handbrake turn into cinemas from 16 August.

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