Eagle Trailer Lands Online

Tatum and Bell go Roman around

Eagle Trailer Lands Online

by James White |
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What would you do if your dad was a famous Roman commander, who led his equally respected legion into the wilds of Barbarian-filled Scotland and was never heard from again? Well, if you’re Channing Tatum’s Marcus Aquila, you take the first opportunity to go and find out what happened. Even if that happens to be 20 years later… That’s the premise behind Kevin MacDonald’s The Eagle, which has marched a trailer online over at Apple.

We’ve been anticipating this one for a while now, following the first look almost a year ago. Tatum is the Roman soldier who leads his own legion on a mission to discover his father’s fate and track down the famed Eagle totem that the Ninth Legion carried. But to do that he’ll need to battle the suspicion of those around him, who see him as a bad omen, and disguise himself as an occultist to make his way through hostile territory.

Oh yeah, and at his side is his slave, Esca (Bell), who hates his status and his master, but agrees to accompany him anyway. Bet that works out…

Macdonald’s past work, including State of Play, The Last King of Scotland and documentary Touching the Void has been exemplary, so we’re thinking we can expect quality on display. Do go in expecting proper accents, though – this is strictly the Holly-history version (particularly Donald Sutherland, the most American-sounding Roman ever born).

The Eagle (formerly known as The Eagle of the Ninth) will fly into cinemas on March 18 next year.

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