Dylan O’Brien’s On A Mission In The New American Assassin Trailer

American Assassin

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The first trailer for American Assassin, the initial adaptation of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp novels (anyone else think you could switch those names around and it would still work?) arrived in April. Here's the second, which is a restricted look at the movie with extra violence and swearing for those who enjoy that in their action thriller footage.

Stephen Schiff's script adapts Flynn's 2010 tome, which spins the clock back to Rapp's (Dylan O'Brien) early days at the CIA. Actually, even before that: he's discovered after the woman he loves is killed during a terrorist attack. Sworn to destroy the people responsible, he's recruited by the agency, which thinks it can channel his tendencies into becoming a killer for the government.

Of course, going on a personal mission of vengeance is considered a no-no, as Michael Keaton's hard-nosed trainer Stan Hurley is keen to emphasise. But then – surprise! – there just so happens to be a bad guy out there (Taylor Kitsch's rogue agent "Ghost") who has a connection to Stan.

Michael Cuesta directed the film, which also features Sanaa Lathan, David Suchet and Scott Adkins. American Assassin arrives in both Stateside cinemas and here on 15 September.

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