Dwayne Johnson Suggests DC’s Shazam Could Arrive Earlier

'The script is coming in, it’s great...'


by James White |
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There aren’t that many actors who could suggest that a film might happen earlier and you could believe they’d make it happen, especially not within the confines of Warners/DC’s big comic book movie roll-out. But if anyone could move those monoliths, it’s Dwayne Johnson, who told MTV that Shazam – in which he’s set to play anti-hero antagonist Black Adam – might show up earlier than its scheduled 2019 slot{ =nofollow}.

Interviewed at this weekend’s Oscars, Johnson talked up both the character and his thoughts on when we might see him. “It may happen a little earlier than what has been predicted. The script is coming in, it’s great, the support from the studio has been great,” he says. “It’s just a great opportunity, especially with Black Adam where you can take a guy who starts off as a bad guy, turns into an anti-hero, we can make him vicious, a little bit of winking charm.” We're not sure, but we think he finds it great.

Shazam, in case you have forgotten or were never aware, focuses on Billy Batson, who can become the hero known as Captain Marvel by saying the word, “Shazam!” which grants him the powers of six mythological gods, and will come in handy when he faces off against Black Adam. Jack The Giant Slayer’s Darren Lemke has been busy on script duty, with the movie pencilled in for April 2019, a mere month before the second chunk of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Of course, while The Rock can say many things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the companies involved are actually planning to shift the film, though could it point to Black Adam showing up in an earlier movie? Anything is possible at this point.

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