Dwayne Johnson Providing Protection?

He may replace Clive Owen

Dwayne Johnson Providing Protection?

by James White |
Published on

According to The Wrap, Dwayne Johnson is attached to the lead in action thriller Protection.

The film, with a script by Brandon Noonan, would see him as a disgraced former Special Forces soldier who sees a chance at redemption by locating and helping a judge’s 21-year-old daughter.

She’s in trouble, as she’s been targeted by a Mexican crime cartel after agreeing to testify against her father’s murderers.

Protection hasn’t exactly had an easy ride to the screen: originated by Simon West with Paul Walker starring for Warners, it’s since been shoved into turnaround, but has been plucked out by its producers, who then attached District 13: Ultimatum’s Patrick Alessandrin to direct.

He’s since dropped out, along with Clive Owen, but if Johnson is really on board, this could actually pick up a little speed. Plus, it’s good to see Johnson continuing his commitment to getting back into action after his stint in family comedies and adventures. With The Other Guys bridging laughs and action and Faster promising something more intense, perhaps we won’t ever have to suffer seeing him in a tutu again…

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