Dwayne Johnson Considering The Janson Directive

Universal wants him to star in the Robert Ludlum adaptation

Dwayne Johnson Considering The Janson Directive

by James White |
Published on


Since Dwayne Johnson brought a much-needed fuel injection of testosterone and charisma to the Fast & Furious franchise, Universal has naturally been keen to slot him into other projects. The artist formerly (and sometimes still) known as the Rock is being courted to head up a new Robert Ludlum adaptation, **The Janson Directive.

Ludlum’s tome, which follows the author’s familiar titling pattern, focuses on a consular agent who, after ditching the life of a covert ops warrior after getting sick of sanctioned killing, starts a private security firm.

Partnered with a sharpshooter, the duo functions as a take on The Equalizer, using its skills to help those in need while atoning for former sins. Of course, this being a Ludlum story, it’s not as easy as that.

The studio is hoping the film could kick off another Bourne-level franchise, and Johnson could always use more film series to anchor. With Hercules about to attack our cinemas on July 26, Fast & Furious 7 due next year and G.I. Joe 3 trying to get off the ground, he’s still a man in demand.

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