Drew Goddard Circling The Spider-Man Reboot

He's in discussions for the latest take on the character

Drew Goddard Circling The Spider-Man Reboot

by James White |
Published on


A new **Spider-Man **filmmaking team is now required with a changing of the guard that has seen Marvel taking an active interest in the character's future development and Sony returning to the drawing board, with an approach that hopefully won't involve yet another origin story. Drew Goddard, who was already involved in developing the Spider-universe for the studio, is now talking to his bosses about handling the new film, which is due in 2017.

In a development initially broken bythe Latino Review(which includes the potentially intriguing element – as yet completely unconfirmed – that Spidey’s first new film might see him going up against Iron Man as an audition to join the Avengers), Goddard will be meeting with Sony brass and Marvel head Kevin Feige to discuss writing and directing the new movie.

Goddard, of course, has been busy developing the villain team-up outing Sinister Six. It seems the gathering of wrongdoers will still be around to cause problems for our hero, but that their stand-alone film might not be the priority it once was. And the new Spider-Man, whoever ends up playing him, will be launched as already in action, without the need to set up much of his backstory. He hasn’t made a deal yet, but Goddard seems like a sensible choice for the gig: his genre credentials have long since been proven with his Cloverfield script and his work on Cabin In The Woods with Joss Whedon. And the fact that he’s already part of the team at work on new Spider-Man material gives him an advantage. Now we wait and see if it all comes together.

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