Downton Abbey Sequel In The Works

Downton Abbey

by James White |
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Given that Downton Abbey made $184 million worldwide on a budget of less than $20 million (before marketing costs), the notion that the film spin-off from the popular show would spawn a sequel is now moving from the possible stage to a more likely one, at least according to producer Gareth Neame.

As part of a bigger conversation about the various projects he's juggling (including Downton creator Julian Fellowes' next series, The Gilded Age) the question came up about a return visit to the Crawley's sprawling abode. "We're having those conversations," Neame says. "We're working on what the story is, and when we might be able to make it. But it's the same as the first time around: We have to try to get everyone back together again. And that was very challenging."

According to the producer, this has been quietly in the works since before the film hit it big in the UK. "We started vaguely thinking about it before the release of the movie," Neame admits. "But we were kind of holding our breath. The reaction to the film, the press tour in the US and the buildup to release were so strong that we'd been thinking about it. And then it was clear from the first weekend that this was worth taking very seriously."

According to him, the biggest challenge will be to once again reunite the busy cast, and of course to find the right story. But chances are within the next couple of years, the invites will go out for another trip to the Abbey.

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