Doug Liman Directing Three Musketeers

For Warners’ take on the sword-swingers

Doug Liman Directing Three Musketeers

by James White |
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Warner Bros. has narrowed down the shortlist of directors it wants to handle the new take on The Three Musketeers, and right now it’s all for one: Doug Liman.

The director, who is also developing a drama based on the real-life Attica prison riot, is now in negotiations to handle the film, which is being shepherded by Lionel Wigram, who helped get Sherlock Holmes made.

Oh, and the Heat Vision Blog believes Warners will want to stick to its current mantra and have the tale of young hero D’Artagnan and his adventures with the veteran musketeers shot in, or converted into, 3D.

That move would bring the film into even further competition with Paul WS Anderson’s attempt at the story, which will also be shot in 3D, but in his case for Summit Entertainment.

Anderson’s version is busy finding a cast, so Liman will no doubt be prodded to speed things up and get the Warners film ready for a likely 2011/2012 release.

There’s really only one fun way to solve this – put Anderson and Liman in a courtyard, give them both swords and let them fight it out. The winner – AKA the survivor – gets to make their film. En Garde!

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