Dominic West Confronts Money Monster

He'll appear with George Clooney and Julia Roberts


by James White |
Published on

Not, as you could conceivably imagine, a CGI-laden thriller about a mountain of notes and coins that comes to life and terrorises people in a bank, Money Monster is instead Jodie Foster’s new drama, which will star George Clooney and Julia Roberts. And given that he’ll have time off between his current TV commitments, Dominic West will join them.

**Money Monster **features Clooney as Lee Gates, a loud, gregarious financial TV host who offers up stock advice on his eponymous hit cable TV show in a style that would probably make Robert Peston blanch. Roberts will be Nancy Fenn, the director and executive producer of the show, who might also be closer to Gates.

Also on board the drama? Jack O’Connell, playing Kyle Budwell, a blue-collar worker sick of the damage still being done by Wall Street. With a growing family to support, he decides to take Gates hostage on air to increase a stock’s value and expose the corruption behind the stock market. West will be the CEO of the company behind a bad stock call that Gates makes, and tries to minimise the damage to his own career by hiding out in his private jet, especially when people discover that he was complicit in the business’s failure.

With a script by Jamie Linden developed from earlier work by Alan DiFiore and Jim Kouf, Foster is set to shoot soon. West was most recently seen in Pride and has enjoyed success with US cable drama The Affair. He’s part of the cast for biopic Genius, and will lend his voice to Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory.

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