Doc Savage TV Series In The Works

Doc Savage

by James White |
Published on

Long in the works for the big screen, it looks like Clark Savage Jr. – AKA Doc Savage – is now going to become a TV series instead, with producer Neal H. Moritz and his Original Film company spearheading the new development.

Moritz had been part of the team working on the film version, which Shane Black was attached to for a while, with Dwayne Johnson considering the lead role. Now, though, the producer has signed a deal with Conde Nast Entertainment to turn the idea into a show, figuring that the longer format will allow for more adventures.

Raised from birth by scientists to be the perfect hero, Savage boasted a staggering number of skills, including scientist, inventor, physician and explorer. He was among the most popular characters in 1930s and 40s pulps, with his stories chronicled in nearly 200 novels and across radio, film and TV. Author Lester Dent was his most prolific writer, and he'll likely still be the primary source for any future work. Expect dinosaurs, secret societies, scheming villains and fantastic gadgets all swirling around a main character blessed with great physical strength and a genius intellect. Where it ends up remains to be seen, especially since it'll first have to escape the tangled vines of the development jungle.

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