Disney Targets Robin Hood For The Live-Action Treatment

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by James White |
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Well, you probably should have seen this one coming, even if we're even more concerned about how it'll work in a real-world setting: Disney's drive to concert its animated back catalogue to live-action (or a version of it) is now targeting 1973'sRobin Hood.

The animated adventure, which saw a wise-cracking fox as Robin, a bear as Little John, a rooster as Allan-a-Dale and King Richard played by a lion (voiced with the unmistakable tones of Peter Ustinov), has seen its fortunes rise and fall in terms of beloved 'toon titles on Disney's roster, though one of its songs was nominated for an Oscar. And if you ask us, it's a lot of fun, something that will be especially challenging to to turn into a live-action movie, in this case taking an all-animal cast that act human and converting them to the "real" world. The Hollywood Reporter has heard the new version will still be a musical featuring anthropomorphic animals.

The man tasked with this particular challenge is Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada, who, while his CV might not suggest a big effects film would be something he's ready to tackle, has directed an episode of Legion for TV. And Disney has had success hiring indie directors to make their big adaptations (see: David Lowery and Pete's Dragon).

Kari Granlund, who wrote the live-action/CG Lady And The Tramp which hit Disney+, is on script duty for the movie, which locked in its various deals before the studios had to shutdown. When it will film is, of course, a matter of waiting out the current pandemic.

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