Disney Plans To Movietise The Matterhorn

Ready to head to The Hill?

Disney Plans To Movietise The Matterhorn

by James White |
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We have to admit we’re a little confused as to why Disney would be thinking of turning one of its iconic rides (in this case, The Matterhorn) into a movie. It’s not like The Country Bears did well or anything. Sorry… Wait, we’re now being told that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies did okay. They kept that quiet! All kidding aside, it’s not tough to figure out why the Mouse House is scouring the theme parks for possible film fodder, so news of planned adventure pic The Hill should surprise exactly no one.

According to the Heat Vision blog, that’s just a working title, but the project does have a writer attached already (Spread’s Jason Dean Hall), who will be cooking up a thrill-packed story of five young adventure seekers mysteriously summoned to the top of the mountain and who must survive encounters with Yetis on their way down.

The ride itself, which also goes by the name the Matterhorn Bobsleds, first started ferrying riders around its snowy wastes at Disneyland in 1959, after Walt Disney came back from a trip to Switzerland obsessed with crafting a toboggan-style rollercoaster. The abominable snowmen, however, weren’t added until 1978, when the attraction was upgraded to make it more exciting. And furry.

Disney currently has a few of its rides bubbling away in development, with** Jungle Cruise** and a new take on The Haunted Mansion (with Guillermo del Toro producing) both in line for the screen. Then there’s Magic Kingdom, which features the park itself, and has Jon Favreau overseeing a script now being reworked by Michael Chabon (who also worked for the House of Mouse on John Carter, in between winning Pullitzers and whatever).

A few more Pirates-style successes and everything will be up for grabs. Coming in 2016: Queue for the Loo (“Can you handle the pressure?”) and **Souvenir Stand **(“The cost may be more than you think!”) We hope the cheque’s in the post, Mickey…

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