Disney’s Got A New Monster…

...Witness Relocation Programme, that is

Disney's Got A New Monster...

by James White |
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It’s not often we get news of a script purchase that appears to have more words in its title than the likely story information, but that’s definitely the case with a recent purchase by Disney, with the Mouse House picking up Ahmet Zappa and Michael Wilson’s script Monster Witness Relocation Program.

And the plot? Well, the studio has so far refused to reveal any details yet, so we’re going to go ahead and guess that it’s either about an organisation that helps and polices creatures (like the Men in Black) or focuses on someone who has to go into witness protection when they see something mythological they shouldn’t have. Yes, we’re exactly that desperate.

Ahmet has form with the studio, and with monsters; years ago, Disney picked up his his book for younger readers, The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless, which focused on a pair of siblings who discovered they were the latest in a line of monster hunters and had to use all their inherited skills to stop a nasty beast when their father gets kidnapped. The plan was to turn it into a movie, but nothing has come of it since then. Zappa will be hoping that this latest script purchase might actually make it to the screen.

Note: Despite the picture we've chosen, we have no reason to believe that the Cookie Monster is in this one. We do, however, fancy a cookie.

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