Di Bonaventura To Produce Hellified

Action horror for Dan Bradley to direct

Di Bonaventura To Produce Hellified

by Chris Hewitt |
Published on

His latest movie, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, may be making so much money that it could buy Cristiano Ronaldo and still have enough left over for a cheeky punt at Fernando Torres’ left leg, but Lorenzo di Bonaventura isn’t wasting time lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills.

Well, he might be, but the uber-producer is also busy setting up his next project, Hellified, over at Paramount for second unit genius Dan Bradley to direct, once he’s finished his conversion to first unit with the Red Dawn remake.

Hellified is a supernatural action script by Andy Burg, a writer best known for comedies like K-9. Burg’s been away from Hollywood for a while, but now he’s back back back, with Hellified causing something of a stir.

Little is known about the story, but the movie will involve a trip to hell, a storyline that instantly calls to mind Dan Aykroyd’s initial concept for Ghostbusters III. It’ll be interesting to see if Hellified has any effect on that movie, now that it’s in active development.

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