Deus Ex Game Headed To Screens

Adam Jensen takes aim at the cinema

Deus Ex Game Headed To Screens

by James White |
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While video games haven’t been the most reliable source of great movies (even something like the long-running Resident Evil franchise has proved average despite its box office success), that’s not stopping film companies from raiding the popular titles. Which brings us to CBS Films and its plans to turn Square Enix hit Deus Ex to the big screen.

CBS has nabbed the rights to the game, which first hit shelves in 2000 and went on to spawn both a sequel and a prequel focused on a former SWAT security specialist whose body has been enhanced with nanotech and who must work to unravel a massive conspiracy. While, of course, dealing with lots of enemies.

The movie will apparently spring from the latest version of the game, Human Revolution, which took the story back to before the first title and introduced Adam Jensen, the first person to get the nanotechnology treatment after an attack on the company where he’s security chief leaves him badly injured.

This isn’t the first time the game has pinged Hollywood’s radar – Sony’s Columbia arm announced in 2002 that Laura Ziskin would produce a version with Greg Pruss cranking out the script. Willem Dafoe was mentioned as a possible cast member, though nothing ever came of it.

Right now, the current take is still searching for a writer and director.

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