All The Deuce From The UK Premiere

Bigalow’s sequel lands in London

All The Deuce From The UK Premiere

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The new Deuce Bigalow movie has promised the women of Europe love a little cheaper, and on Monday night the women and their man-whores got all that and more, at the UK premiere of Rob Schneider's follow up to his 1999 box office hit. But gross-out comedy - so rife in the film - was nowhere to be seen in the chic and stylish Rex cinema in London’s Leicester Square.

Deuce himself, Rob Schneider, dressed formally for the occasion and looking a million miles from his alter ego, sauntered in, a very happy chap. You wouldn’t know it from the smile on his face, but once we got talking, we learned that sequels aren’t all fun and games. "It’s tough because expectations are so high on a sequel. You’ve just gotta do the best job you can and leave it at that. Sequels are tough - I’ll never do another one”. We didn’t mention how dangerous the word “never” can be in Hollywood.

Follow ups do have their perks though; Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, for instance, was (as you’d expect from the title) shot on our continent – mostly in Amsterdam. “Yeah, I loved shooting in Europe. You’re blocking the streets, and people are yelling at you… it was a fantastic experience!” There’s also positives beyond upsetting the Dutch - “Shooting it out of the U.S., the studio couldn’t fuck with it too much.” And you can hardly blame the star for being a bit protective of the script – he co-wrote it. “No one else is writing me movies, so I gotta do it myself,” he joked.

Co-star Kelly Brook was next through the doors, arriving arm in arm with boyfriend and Titanic star Billy Zane. Kelly, who provides her own slice of comedy alongside Rob gushed, “I loved working on the film. Rob’s a huge genius”. Too… many… innuendos! But we resisted. Instead we asked the Brit beauty about the new heights of tastelessness reached in the film, “Oh yeah,” Kelly explained, “It’s completely absurd and offends everyone”. We also had to investigate the rumours of her potentially starring in the next Bond movie, “Well those rumours never hurt anyone, but no, unfortunately I haven’t had any phone calls. Rob would make a good Bond wouldn’t he?” Depends on the competition Ms Brook, depends on the competition…

Fellow co-star (and still newly single, despite the Bigalow-esque charms of Empire) pop star Rachel Stevens had time for a few quick words before the last of the audience made their way into the theatre. “Rob was fantastic to work with. He showed me around Amsterdam and looked after me, kept me out of trouble”. Rob Schneider kept someone out of trouble? We don’t believe that for a second.

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