A Departed Sequel?

Screenwriter Monaghan starts work

A Departed Sequel?

by Willow Green |
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In proof that the original was somewhat mis-titled, news has emerged that a sequel is in the works for Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, the Oscar-nominated film based on the Hong Kong drama Infernal Affairs. Original screenwriter William Monaghan is already working on a script, but Martin Scorsese would have to approve any screenplay before it goes forward.

Now if you still haven’t seen The Departed (shame on you!) look away for the next paragraph.

They gone? Good. Now the problem with any sequel would appear to be that virtually every major character was killed at the end of the first film. The blood bath at the end means that there’s no Damon, DiCaprio, Nicholson or Sheen. But happily for all of us, the stand-out and Oscar-nominated supporting role, that of Mark Wahlberg’s Sgt. Dignam, is still very much in play, and there’s every chance that the film could focus on him. There is also some suggestion that a new character could be introduced, a role designed for Scorsese’s former muse, Robert De Niro – although what that role would be has not yet been specified. Still, the mere prospect should be enough to get the fans frothing at the mouth.

Given that the film was the biggest commercial hit of Scorsese’s career, taking over $125 million at the US box office and nabbing five Oscar nominations to boot, it’s hardly surprising that plans to make another one are under way. The film could even turn out to be a prequel, in the same way that Infernal Affairs 2 preceeded the events of the original Hong Kong film, but so far the sequel idea appears to be the favoured route. Since Warner Bros owns the rights to both Infernal Affairs sequels, this could mirror their stories – or it could be a completely new one, and so far, no one’s letting on which.

So while we can assure you that a sequel of some sort is a definite possibility, that’s about as much as we can say for sure. Damn these studios and their infernal secrecy. What we need to do is to infiltrate an undercover mole – maybe Sam, cause he’s small and unobtrusive – right into their midst. As long, of course, as they haven’t done the same thing here. Come to think of it, this week’s work experience guy does look suspiciously like Elmer Fudd…

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