Del Toro Hears The Call Of The Sea

Producing a new horror film

Del Toro Hears The Call Of The Sea

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Having Guillermo Del Toro give your film the stamp of a approval (and a little free press) is no bad thing.

So congratulations to writer-director Jorge Olguin, whose third film, The Call Of The Sea has Del Toro aboard as an executive producer.

The intriguing-sounding horror movie is based on a legend about a spooky ghost ship that ploughs the chill waters of a mysterious Chilean island seeking the souls of fisherman. Into this mystery is drawn a marine biologist (Innocent Voices’ Leonor Varela) who discovers a link between the legend and her family’s past.

Olguin is a stalwart part of Latin America’s burgeoning horror/fantasy industry, having previously directed Angel Negro and 2002’s Sangre Eternia, about teens addicted to a vampire game. If he’s not careful, Hollywood will be knocking on his door as the next source for remake fodder.

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