Death Race Prequel On Its Way?

Frankenstein's backstory on screen

Death Race Prequel On Its Way?

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

After the explosions and sabotage of Death Race last year, you were probably left with many burning questions: how did this lethal contest come about? What's the backstory with the original masked driver Frankenstein? And what sort of socio-economic system would lead to the existence of this deadly sport? Well, worry no more, because a prequel is on the way to answer all those niggling plot holes.

Paul W.S. Anderson has written the story for the prequel, which will explore the origins of Frankenstein - played in the original Death Race 2000 film and voiced in Death Race by David Carradine - and explain how the Death Races got started. Tony Giglio, of Timber Falls, is writing the screenplay and may direct.

Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt will produce the prequel after they finish work on Resident Evil: Afterlife, on which Giglio is doing second unit work. Give us your thoughts below...

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