Empire Podcast: Deadpool Spoiler Special with Ryan Reynolds


by John Nugent |
Posted on

Heat up the chimichangas: it’s Deadpool time on the Empire Podcast. Having graced our cover back in January, we are now extremely pleased to welcome The Merc With A Mouth himself, Ryan Reynolds, to the pod booth. He chats to us about his mutant wishlist, battling the studios, and being a “morally flexible” superhero.

Plus, as usual, we gather four Empire writers to discuss the merits of a film with more dick jokes than a comedian at a urologist's conference. In keeping with the character, this is one of our more R-rated podcasts, with much talk of "cock crowns” and “gladiator-style masturbation”; at one point, Reynolds tells our interviewer Chris Hewitt that he has triggered a “gentle shift in my khakis”. So, not exactly family listening, then.

And, as with all our Spoiler Specials, we discuss Deadpool in spoiler-filled detail, so make sure you’ve seen it first, lest your surprise be forever ruined.

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