Deadpool 2: A ‘Second Coming’ Poster Arrives

Deadpool 2 the second coming poster

by Emma Thrower |
Published on

This time last month, we gave thanks for the first official Deadpool 2 poster before a teaser 'trailer' (click here to understand our dubious use of the word if you haven't already seen it) arrived a few days later. Following on from that first Thanksgiving poster is some brand new artwork hailing the sequel as 'the second coming'. Check it out below.

Josh Brolin's Cable (teddy bear still firmly by his side) is on hand to help Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth recreate Michelangelo's The Creation Of Adam in the franchise's token low-key style. It also looks like Cable is coming out of some kind of portal. Does this mean the sequel will finally show Deadpool's teleporting abilities? Find out when Deadpool 2 (is it too late to hope it will be titled Deadpool: The Second Coming?) snarks its way into cinemas on 1 June next year.

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