De Niro Directs DiCaprio

In drama about the CIA

by Willow Green |
Published on

Oh goody. This is one cinematic collaboration we should certainly enjoy. Robert De Niro is to settle his worshipped posterior comfortably into the director's chair once again and direct the hotter than hot Leonardo DiCaprio in a juicy epic drama all about the CIA called The Good Shepherd. DiCaprio will star as James Wilson, an idealistic, patriotic and bright-as-a-button individual who gets snapped up for a certain intelligence agency straight out of university. Fresh out of Yale, this young man not only gets to serve his country but helps to found the CIA along the way. DeNiro's drama, in which he will also take a small acting role, will chronicle the history of the Central Intelligence Agency through Wilson's 40-year career, detailing the toll his work takes on his life and family and surely depicting the less than glorious episodes of the agency's past. How DeNiro will handle the catastrophic Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba or the CIA's undermining of Chile's democratically elected President Allende - replaced by a certain General Pinochet, remember – will, at the very least, be interesting to find out. DeNiro's third directorial effort - his previous work includes 1993's A Bronx Tale and an uncredited role in The Score - will however only start production in Autumn of next year at the earliest. Well, what else do you expect if you cast Leo 'King of the World' DiCaprio? Although the public might not have seen hide nor blonde hair of the chap since 2000's The Beach, the eager little beaver has, of course, been busy filming Scorsese's long-awaited Gangs of New York and Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can, both due for release excitingly soon. He's then expected to pop up before the cameras for Scorsese again in the Howard Hughes flick The Aviator and is also attached to star in Baz Luhrman's huge epic Alexander the Great. And who said his career was sunk along with Titanic?

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