DC’s Nightwing To Lead Titans Series

Former Robin assembles new super friends

DC's Nightwing

by Owen Williams |
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There was some talk recently that Batman's ex-Robin Nightwing might be joining the ranks of The CW's successful Arrow series. That turns out to be unfounded, since Nightwing is getting his own show on TNT. Bruce Wayne's young ward Dick Grayson will front the young super friends of new series Titans.

This would be a version of the Teen Titans, although the "teen" part of that title is being ditched to indicate the show's more mature approach. The pilot episode will see Grayson "emerge from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new superheroes including Starfire, Raven and many others".

The show is pitched as "a dramatic adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic book titles ever".

Given the success of the Teen Titans animated series in the early '00s, the fact that Nightwing is famously the most handsome man in the DC stable (so they're going to have to cast someone prettier that Green Arrow's Stephen Amell; good luck with that) and the motley crew of the Titans, this could be a real winner. Oh, and let's just hope they go with the pre-New 52, non-sex-obsessed version of Starfire.

While DC have been late to challenge Marvel on the big screen, it's currently exploding on television, with Titans set to join the aforementioned Arrow and The Flash on The CW, Constantine on NBC, and the rather different Batman spin-off Gotham on Fox. Whether that leads to over-saturation and one or two of those falling by the wayside is currently only known to the omnipotent Spectre.

Akiva Goldsman (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin) is writing the Titans pilot and exec-producing, so it's in safe hands...

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