David Leitch To Direct Will Smith In Memory Loss Thriller Fast & Loose

David Leitch, Will Smith

by James White |
Published on

Given their respectively busy schedules, you might think that neither Will Smith nor director David Leitch would have any time free in the next decade to collaborate on a movie, but it appears they both want to try for new thriller Fast & Loose.

Written by Jon and Eric Hoeber, the story will see Smith playing a man with a serious dilemma: when John Riley wakes up in Tijuana after being left for dead with absolutely no memory, he follows a string of clues to uncover his identity discovering he’s been living two different lives: one, as a super-successful crime kingpin, surrounded by beautiful women, expensive toys, and a lavish lifestyle and the other as an undercover CIA agent, but with a puny salary, no family or home life whatsoever, and zero trappings of success. The problem is, he can’t remember which of these two personas is his true identity, and, more importantly, which life he really wants to live.

The film was developed at STXfilms, but lingered there with no star and Leitch just acting as producer. Since Smith indicated he might make it his next star vehicle, it has moved on apace, with various studios and streaming services now in a bidding war to pick it up. Expect it to find a home soon.

Smith next has worked on King Richard and has Emancipation set up with Antoine Fuqua directing, while Leitch is making Bullet Train.

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