David Leitch Directing Channing Tatum In Action Thriller Red Shirt

David Leitch Channing Tatum

by James White |

Coming off the back of the success of Bullet Train, David Leitch looks to be setting up a potential future action movie. He has Channing Tatum aboard to star in Red Shirt.

Deadline has found little about the movie, but it's apparently a spy thriller spin on James Bond originally pitched by Simon Kinberg (who most recently brought espionage to screens with The 355).

The name puts us in mind of Star Trek's ill-fated crew members, who often died in violent fashion, but given the "Bond spin" concept, that might be a red herring more than a red shirt.

Oh, and – spoiler alert for those who haven't seen Bullet Train – this marks a reunion for Leitch and Tatum, since the latter popped up in a fun cameo in the movie.

Leitch is currently at work on The Fall Guy starring Ryan Gosling, while Tatum has Magic Mike's Last Dance due out next – you can see the latest trailer for that right here.

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