Dave Bautista Starring In M Night Shyamalan’s Knock At The Cabin

Dave Bautista, M Night Shyamalan

by James White |
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Dave Bautista is looking to add another director to the list of respected filmmakers he's worked with. He's now agreed to star in M. Night Shyamalan's next film Knock At The Cabin.

The filmmaker's follow-up to Old is, naturally, a complete mystery so far, with Shyamalan merely teasing the title. We can extrapolate from the words that a cabin will be involved and that the knock is unlikely to bring anything good. After all, what generally tends to happen at cabins outside of Hallmark movies? Horror, that's what. The Cabin In The Woods? The cabin from Evil Dead? Exactly.

Bautista has been on a tear of late, what with Dune, and Army Of The Dead. He's part of the sprawling ensemble for Rian Johnson's Knives Out sequel and is currently at work with James Gunn on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3.

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