Darren Aronofsky Orbits Moonfall

But he's not the only filmmaker considering it...

Darren Aronofsky Orbits Moonfall

by James White |
Published on


Every so often, a spec script will get filmmakers buzzing around it, agents jostling to get their clients involved and studios looking at it like hungry dogs. Right now, according to The Wrap, one of the hottest scripts is David Weil’s sci-fi Moonfall, with Darren Aronofsky seriously considering it.

He’s just the only one, with others reportedly eagerly reading and pitching to make it. The project doesn’t yet have a studio home, but given the interest it has already generated, that’s hopefully only a matter of time.

But despite half of Hollywood claiming to have read the thing, few details have emerged about the actual story, besides the fact that it is apparently an original angle on space colonisation and is described as a Fargo-style thriller on the lunar surface. The moon continues to be a tantalising prospect for studios, though most of the projects around it are still lingering in the development hangar. Moonfall will hopefully get off the launch pad a little more quickly.

Weil has been getting some heat recently, with praise for his previous script, Half Heard In The Stillness and buzz around this one. As for Aronofsky, he’s currently busy adapting Margaret Atwood’s novel trilogy MaddAddam for HBO.

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