Darren Aronofsky Floating Noah Again

He's still shopping the Biblical tale

Darren Aronofsky Floating Noah Again

by James White |
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The original story broke in 2007, so it’s practically old enough to be a Biblical tale in itself, but you might recall that back then, we brought exclusive word of Darren Aronofsky planning something “huge” around the Noah’s Ark story. He figured then that he’d likely tackle something a little smaller first, and the intervening years have seen him tap a vein of intimately-shot quality with The Wrestler and Black Swan. But now it appears he’s back on the quest to get an edgy re-telling of the Ark story to the screen.

Deadline brings word that Aronofsky is busy shopping around a script boasting a fresh re-write from **The Aviator’**s John Logan and that the scale is still suitably epic. The director is apparently after $130 million to get it made, and that New Regency is itching to hop aboard as co-financiers along with whoever wins the rights. So far, the likes of Paramount, Summit and regular Aronofsky collaborators Fox are all said to be interested.

And with **The Wolverin****e **no longer on his schedule, Aronofsky is aiming to make this next, cashing in on the massive success of Swan, which has earned $135 million around the world off the back of its thrifty $12 million budget. While he’s been burned before on The Fountain’s original, hefty scale production, it looks like Aronofsky is pushing full steam ahead on this one.

It also seems like he’s in a mood to get Biblical – earlier this year, he considered tackling Fox’s Moses pic Exodus, though ultimately passed. Given that he can retain more control over Noah, you can understand why he’d make that a priority…

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