The Darkness Movie Rolls Ahead

...and not a strip of Lycra in sight

by Willow Green |
Published on

It's important to state that, when we go on to talk about a movie version of The Darkness, we in no way refer to the throwback rock group fronted by Justin Hawkins. While we can't guarantee that the film will be completely devoid of 80s hair, Lycra bodysuits and wailing guitars, we're almost certain that the hero will in no way state his belief in a thing called love one way or the other. Now that's out of the way we're happy to tell you that Top Cow's lynchpin comic franchise, The Darkness has finally begun its journey towards the screen. The project has been mooted for a fair few years now, though the publisher has been reluctant to give the green light until every element was perfect. Which we assume they must now be. The Darkness is the story of Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado, who receives a rather interesting present on his 21st birthday. Skirting the what-the-hell-do-you-get-a-mafia-hitman-for-his-birthday issue, we'll just say that he inherits a demonic suit of armour known as The Darkness. Given his line of work this is a handy asset indeed, especially considering that it not only grants him superior abilities but lets him manifest demons to do his bidding. Such things do come with a price though and the downside to this supernatural gift is that if Estacado ever again sleeps with a woman then his life is forfeit. Bummer. Yes it sounds dafter than eight armadillos playing the accordion but this has been one of the publisher's most successful comic series for years so don't snap to judgement just yet.

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