Dark Knight Rises Rating Confirmed

164 minutes 27 seconds of 12A goodness

Bane and Batman fighting in The Dark Knight Rises

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

If you've already pre-booked your tickets for The Dark Knight Rises, remember to bring a cushion, a snack and three hours of your time, because the official length of Christopher Nolan's final Batman film is 164 minutes 27 seconds.

Confirmed by the BBFC, the 12A film contains "moderate violence" and will last 720 seconds longer than The Dark Knight did, which clocked in at grand ol' 152 minutes.

The rating is also the same as Bale's previous outing as The Caped Crusader, meaning that Nolan will hopefully be able to get away with such forceful scenes as the Joker's pencil trick with the likes of Bane and his goons.

Does the news that The Dark Knight Rises will last almost two and three quarter hours fill you with glee? Let us know in the comment box below - but not until you check out this feature-filled countdown of every day until the movie is released in cinemas (that's July 20, fact fans).

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