Daniel Radcliffe Heads To Imperium

He's playing an FBI agent

Daniel Radcliffe Heads To Imperium

by James White |
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In his time playing heroes and weirdoes and people of all stripes, Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t had the chance to play someone in law enforcement. He’s changing that with a new role, signing up to play an FBI agent in **Imperium.

Though it sounds like some sort of epic space opera, it’s actually rooted in the real-life story of Michael German, an FBI agent who spent years undercover in neo-Nazi and militia groups in the States. In the film, the character based on German will be similarly embedded, trying to stop a bunch of chaos-happy white supremacists constructing a dirty bomb.

Daniel Ragussis, who has been making short films, is jumping to features with this thriller, which he co-wrote with German. All being well, the cameras should be rolling this autumn.

It’s another job for the ever-busy Radcliffe, who is currently shooting surreal indie pic** Swiss Army Man **alongside Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He has Victor Frankenstein due out on November 27, while Now You See Me: The Second Act follows on June 10 next year. And there’s also Game Changer, about the legal battle over the violent and sexual content of the Grand Theft Auto game series, which will screen on BBC2 next year.

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