Daniel Craig Plans His Attack

He's to join Nicole Kidman in Invasion

by empire |
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After finally making it big with his starring role in Layer Cake, Daniel Craig has taken yet another giant step towards world domination. Blighty's finest is set to appear opposite Nicole Kidman in Invasion, the aliens-among-us drama that is set to be director Oliver Downfall Hirschbiegel's English-language debut. Craig, who Stephen Fry described as "a British actor so good looking that his face has been declared a place of outstanding natural beauty, which makes it an ideal place to sit and enjoy a picnic," will be playing a doctor in the drama. Kidman's role is apparently that of a "Washington DC psychiatrist", who discovers that the origins of a mysterious epidemic are (dum-dum-duuuuum!) extraterrestrial. When her son becomes infected, he must work with her to save not only the boy, but possibly the entire human race. So, y'know, no pressure then. While the film was originally billed as a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (again), we are now told that David Kajganich's script is different enough that this is being treated as an original film

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